Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CMJ day 2

Today was a day filled with a lot of walking, drinking, and networking. Blicker and I started off the day by taking the subway to Brooklyn. We got off at the wrong stop, so we ended up walking over three miles to a park for the Pirate! Playground kickball game. We got their late for brunch but were still able to make it into the game. From there we went and bowled with Pirate! at The Gutter for four hours. They rented out a bar/bowling alley for the afternoon so we had plenty of time to drink the free beer and meet everyone. I met several people that I've only had the chance to talk over the phone with but got to learn about how they all started out in the music business. It was interesting talking to Doug from Pirate! because he started the company. He told be a little about how it began and gave me a few tips. I was really interested to hear that his favorite band that he has been promoting came from the Generationals. I also had the chance to talk with Jesse from Vitriol about his favorite albums from this year. He couldn't decide between Metric and Phoenix, understandably so. I met Nuwan who was Cymbal Eats Guitars' tour manager and he convinced me to go to their show tonight. So tonight I made it to Santos Party Room and caught the end of I Was A King. I didn't see much of them but what I saw I liked enough to look them up later. When Cymbal Eats Guitars came and the crowd roared I knew I was in for a treat. I initially thought the band was gonna be another indie-rock group similar to Deerhunter but I was way off. They sound more like The Pixies meet Radiohead. After the show their manager gave me a cd and told me to email him about doing an interview with the band. So be on the lookout for the interview in a few weeks. Coming up Thursday I am going to check out Mumford & Sons and The Temper Trap and Friday I am gonna see Owen, Headlights, and Japandroids. Tune in later to hear my other CMJ updates.


Sam said...

man, you are livin it up. I really like the Cymbals Eat Guitars CD, and seeing Owen with a band will be magical.

Taylor Jones said...

who are you?

Signs of Life said...

If Owen plays bad news, the sad waltzes, or any American Football I will be going nuts. I am an emo kid at heart after all. Cymbals Eat Guitars put on a show that's gonna be hard to top.


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