Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cadillac Sky

I really want to hear people's opinion on this video. Cadillac Sky covered Death Cab For Cutie's "I WIll Follow You Into The Dark." I really don't like this version and I think it is almost blasphemy to try and cover this song.

Owl City

After the Port Blue post I was asked to provide some Owl City records because they are hard to find. So here they are. The more that I listen to them the more they grow on me. RIYL: Passion Pit or The Postal Service


Of June


Maybe I'm Dreaming


Ocean Eyes

Fireflies - Owl City from Kyle Puls on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Port Blue

Adam Young is a guy that has way too many bands and uses Auto-tune as much as T-Pain. I don't agree with either of those things, but his band Port Blue is pretty tight. He is beginning to get famous from Owl City, since it is starting to get recognized on top 40 radio. I'm glad he is making it but he is in 7 bands so he had some pretty good odds. Personally I would rather listen to his Ambient, Post-Rock stuff. The beats are similar to The Album Leaf meets Postal Service but it just gives me a really good vibe. This is definately studying or bike riding music.

port blue

The Albatross Ep


Here is an old ep from MGMT titled "we (don't) care". The whole thing isn't great but track 3 "Love Always Remains" is a gem. It sounds more like The Postal Service than Ween. I wish they would try and write more like this.


We (Don't) Care

The Hood Internet

I haven't done much research into this yet but whoever is behind The Hood Internet is genius. Here are the Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes mash ups that were released pretty recently. Please check out The Hood Internet's site.

The Hood Internet

Bon Iver vs. Friendly Fires & Aeroplane

bon iver friendly fires

Fleet Foxes vs. Beyoncé

fleet foxes and beyonce

The Hood Internet Mashups

Noah and The Whale

The First Days of Spring is the new record from Noah and The Whale. This album is a lot more orchestrated than their last pop record. None of these songs make you want to tap your foot or do dance moves like "5 years time" off of Peaceful, the world lays me down. But, it is a much more mature record for a band that now has the potential to last a while. I think that they realized it would be too hard to follow up their last record with the same sort of songs. These are all very chill but not boring. The choir adds to songs like Blue Skies or Love of an Orchestra.

the first days of spring

Also this film is going to be fantastic

The First Days Of Spring

David Bazan

Curse Your Branches is the new home brewed record from mastermind David Bazan. I personally like this record better than Fewer Moving Parts, but that's just me. I have heard the opposite from different people. It is your standard Bazan record with a more full band feel even though I'm pretty sure he did all the recording himself in his Seattle basement. Standout tracks to me are tracks 1 and 4.

curse your branches

Curse Your Branches

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Antlers

Hello best of 2009 list. The Antlers may be on mine. I immediately fell in love with this song "two." Everything else that I have heard from this record is just as good but please check them out.



Frontier Ruckus

I am in love with this song "Mona and Emmy." Someone please let me know what I can call this genre. I don't know if it's folk or alt-country but I am really digging this song. This song has not been released on an album which is disappointing I have only been able to find an mp3 of the acoustic demo. Please check out their other stuff. I think that the Paste video is better because I like the girl's voice.

Frontier Ruckus Pictures, Images and Photos

The PASTE video

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fleet Foxes Dubstep

Not as good as the Beyonce mix but its still tight. Crank up the bass before you hit play.


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