Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Owl City

After the Port Blue post I was asked to provide some Owl City records because they are hard to find. So here they are. The more that I listen to them the more they grow on me. RIYL: Passion Pit or The Postal Service


Of June


Maybe I'm Dreaming


Ocean Eyes

Fireflies - Owl City from Kyle Puls on Vimeo.


hmmm said...

what the hell is that fireflies song even about? some sort of treehugger insect porno or something

Signs of Life said...

It makes no since. Like most of his music. People keep comparing him to Ben Gibbard and I don't see it. I think Ben has a lot behind his music. This guy sings about bull shit. But a friend wanted me to post it.

hmmm said...

well i'm okay with the actual music, but yeah. the lyrics suck


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