Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cadillac Sky

I really want to hear people's opinion on this video. Cadillac Sky covered Death Cab For Cutie's "I WIll Follow You Into The Dark." I really don't like this version and I think it is almost blasphemy to try and cover this song.


hmmm said...

well he plays it almost exactly like the original version except he sings it like a douchebag, which makes me wonder why they thought it was special enough to make a music video for.

i downloaded this girl covering the entire "aeroplane over the sea" album with just her and ukulele, and she sings really gay and poppy, so i know how you feel. i almost posted it in anger, but blogging in anger is never good.

Signs of Life said...

I understand that. Maybe I was too hasty to post this video. But I don't understand how it is the most watched video on right now. It sucks.

And I would kill that girl if i ever saw her. that album is sacred

Taylor Jones said...

Blogs can't always be butterflies and kittens. This is definitely neither- did you know that in some countries covering death cab is punishable by death?


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