Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Shouting Matches

Upon doing some more Justin Vernon research (it's a minor obsession) I discovered that he is/was in a two-piece blues band called The Shouting Matches. The members are Justin Vernon (Bon Iver, Volcano Choir) on vocals and guitar and Brian Moen (Land of Talk, Laarks) on drums. The band recorded an ep in 2007 and it has been sitting on a computer ever since. The ep entitled "Mouthoil" has yet to be released according to Amble Down Records, which I believe is Justin's record label. I emailed the manager of the label and he told me the ep "was never released, and it will be released eventually." I would really like to hear this album because the few songs I've heard via myspace and youtube have a really gritty southern blues feel to them. I wouldn't expect such a sound from a band based out of Wisconsin. I will definately be keeping track of this band. Maybe with Bon Iver taking some time off there will be new developments for The Shouting Matches.

Update: The Shouting Matches played their first show in years and apparently it will be their last forever. Here is a great video though of Justin and Brian in all of their Bluezy glory.


the shouting matches

The Shouting Matches (Myspace)

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