Monday, June 7, 2010


If Dr. Dog is the future of classic rock then I would add Dawes to that list of bands as well. Straight out of the North Hills of Los Angeles, four california guys recreated the music of their childhood. While other bands overdub recording sessions into computers, Dawes records their entire album live onto 2' tape. Critics call their efforts a desperate attempt to be retro but their sound weaves together their sound and identity. "North Hills" invites you into their personal practice space letting every nuance be detected. Even occasional wrong notes and going off pitch only add to the album's experience. Some vocals are reminiscent of Neil Young mixed with the harmonies of The Thorns, while others range from Motown Soul to Classic Folk. Iconic songs like "America The Beautiful" by Ray Charles come to mind listening to the power of "That Western Skyline." Taylor Goldsmith's voice invades your soul and takes hold. Dawes are playing shows throughout the entire country this summer so check them out, odds are they are going to be in a town near you.

RIYL: Neil Young, Dr. Dog, The Thorns


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Julia said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm digging your recs -- already downloaded quite a few I didn't know existed. I'm a follower, I'm ready for more!


Jarrod Thorne said...

Great post! Hadn't heard of these guys, but Dawes seems to really be making some music. They have that passion and drive in their music that reminds me a lot of the Avett Brothers.

I had to check them out on Daytrotter after listening to the stuff you posted. They've got three sessions, and they all sound great at:

Signs of Life said...

Julia- Thanks so much for checking out the blog. I'm going to keep posting emerging artists every Monday-Friday. Please let your friends know about it and if you are looking for any of these albums let me know and I can probably send them to you.

Jarrod- Thanks for the Daytrotter link. I am really digging Dawes. They definately seem like your kind of band.


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