Friday, June 4, 2010

Sky Larkin

Indie pop riffs and just the right amount of repetitive shout-outs have international fans flocking to UK trio Sky Larkin’s first album -“The Golden Spike.” Lead vocalist Katie Harkin showcases Sky Larkens energy and style in songs like "Antibodies" and "Beeline". And in an off-beat way Harkins channels (a) Sheryl Crow-esque melody/style/vocals on “Molten.” No need to pace yourself. Feel free to wear out “The Golden Spike.” Sky Larkin has been busy recording a followup "Kaledie," which releases in August on Wichita Recordings worldwide.

Sit back with your fedora and margarita because the trio’s summer jams go perfectly chilln by the pool. Look for one of their tracks on my Summer Playlist coming out next week.

RIYL: Rilo Kiley, An Horse, Tegan and Sara

Sky Larkin

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