Monday, March 15, 2010

All The Day Holiday

A tag line I read a while back about All The Day Holiday read, "what happens when a post-rock band gets an emo lead singer." That quote really intrigued me because honestly emo and post-rock are my favorite music genres. I had a chance to see this band at CMJ in New York and they were super impressive live. The lead guitar player and drummer really define the band by giving them high energy and a signature guitar sound that you would find from The Edge of U2. Their debut album, entitled "All The Things We've Grown To Love", is packed full of emotion and songs reminiscent of Copeland's "Beneath Medicine Tree". I highly recommend this album for anyone who has ever connected to that album. Being a big fan of post-rock I was really hoping for a sound a bit more epic, but I found myself let down in this department. All The Day's sound seems to be closer to the Alternative Rock movement of bands on Tooth & Nail Records than bands in the post-rock music scene. Despite this minor letdown the band still has redeeming qualities in their lyrics and delivery. I believe that this band is one case where the album does not do the live performance justice.

RIYL: Copeland, Mae, Anberlin


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