Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kings of Convenience

This is another case where I have had an album for a while but never actually listened to it. This time around Kings of Convenience's "Declaration of Dependance" was overlooked in my library and I am disappointed in myself. This band is about as simple as you can get with only acoustic guitars and classic vocal harmonies. I will admit that I was a little turned off at first because I thought that they were Flight of The Conchords, and I've had to hear that band too many times. However, once I got past that similarity I realized how great this band truly is. King's of Convenience are a Norway band who have just released their third studio album. This album is super mellow with whispery voices and gentle guitar picking. "Declaration of Dependance" is the perfect companion for an afternoon nap or a Sunday drive. It makes me want to drive along a costal highway with my windows down and just relax. If you are in the mood for a little bit of culture try playing this band and opening a bottle of red wine. That's my plan.

RIYL: Andrew Bird, Simon and Garfunkel, Flight of The Conchords

Kings of convience

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tylercase said...

kings of convenience was playing on my airplane while we were boarding at the airport & i was basically like...bopping around, enjoying it and some man sitting behind me pointed up and said to his wife, "...WHAT IS THIS?!" with this disgusted/confused look on his face. i was so disappointed. love them!

Sam & Tyler said...

i'm going to recommend their album "quiet is the new loud" as well. greatness.


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