Monday, March 22, 2010


This very well may one of the most impressive albums that I have ever listened to. Jónsi Birgisson has completely out done himself, and I am saying this from the perspective of an avid Sigur Rós listener. "Go" is Jónsi's first solo album and it is completely different from any of his other music projects including Sigur Rós and Riceboy Sleeps. One noticeable difference in the songs are that you can understand what he is saying. Jónsi has decided to ditch his personally created Hopelandic' language for his secondary language of English. The other noticeable difference in the album is its high energy. This is Jónsi's pop album, and it is a masterpiece. Suitcases and hands on knees provided the percussion to drive his melodic voice. He has used this form of percussion before in Riceboy Sleeps with his boyfriend Alex. Every track on this album is beautifully orchestrated and from the behind the scenes footage of his tour the sound will be remade live perfectly. I am only disappointed in the fact that the closest to Alabama Jónsi comes is Chicago.

RIYL: Sigur Rós, Bjork, Annuals


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Nick M said...

i would walk to chicago to see this

Signs of Life said...

I've thought about trying to make the trek. I think he is playing 2 shows there.


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