Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Band of Horses

Pardon my language but "Oh, Shit!" Band of Horses have kept any word of this album under wraps for its entire 16 month recording process. The album is due out on May 18, but not on Sub Pop. Instead "Infinite Arms" will be released on the lead singer's, Ben Birdwell, Brown Records, which is as far as I can tell is a combination of Fat Possum and Columbia Records. This is my most anticipated album of the year. Unless Bon Iver decides to come out of hibernation and release a follow up to The Blood Bank ep. For updates on the album and its release check out BandofHorses.com



Joel Cook said...

so crazy! I was wondering yesterday what in the world they were up to and if they would have any new music out soon. keep blogging!

Signs of Life said...

I am so excited about this album. I'm going back to blogging everyday. Thanks for reading Joel. Tell all of your friends about the blog. I really want to hit 100 views a day.

Joel Cook said...

You got it. I already have suggested to a few friends up here and they all enjoy reading! best wishes


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