Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The XX

The XX is another band that I overlooked in 2009. I remember hearing a lot about them up at CMJ because their shows were selling out fast in Brooklyn. When I started reading about them many reviews said that they were a R&B meets The Cure group. This description really turned me off to even wanting to listen to them. However after seeing the AT&T commercial for the Olympics (see below), I really liked the song and did some research to look up the band. The XX is now made up of only 3 members, there was a 4th but she quit the band due to exhaustion. The XX are even still teenagers but they have been selling out venues for over a year now. I really enjoy how easy their album "XX" is to listen to. My only complaint would be that it is not long enough. This is the perfect album to just put on in the background of your life and relax.

RIYL: Interpol, My Bloody Valentine, Silversun Pickups

The XX

The AT&T Olympics Commercial

The XX - Download

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