Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two Door Cinema Club

Remember back in June of last year when I said this little known Australian band called The Temper Trap was gonna make it? Well I'm making another prediction now. While The Temper Trap may not be a household name yet, I am willing to bet most people are now familiar with their song "Sweet Disposition." Just as before I am going to make an outlandish judgement that is most likely entirely too early and say that the band Two Door Cinema Club is going to be one of the bands of the year. Their album Tourist History does not officially come out until February 22 but I have already had a listen and it is magnificent. The band has enough hooks to make any passer-by take a second listen. Two Door Cinema Club is made up of 3 young Irish guys who have crafted together some moving chamber pop/rock. Every chorus on the album is just begging to be screamed out while dancing around your room. Be on the lookout for more from this band.

RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Ra Ra Riot


Here is the acoustic version:

Two Door Cinema Club - Download


Taylor Jones said...

I hear modest mouse in there. Do you hear that?

Signs of Life said...

yeah, maybe a little bit in the guitar and beat but not the vocals

Sam & Tyler said...

i'm diggin this, although somewhat guiltily

Signs of Life said...

Guiltily? Come on, it's just good clean fun


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